Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Turfdiggers Tuesday - Oh, I'm Freeeee, Free Falling

I didn't even bother to post an update last week, that's how bad things are in the world of the Super Secret League.  The Turfdiggers are looking more like the Cowboys than the Steelers these days.  This week, we lost to the last-place team in the league. 

Like the Cowboys, the time has come for a Turfdiggers change.  I haven't made up my mind which players will find themselves on the chopping block, but no one on the team is safe.  Oh, I know, you're asking yourself which mathematical formulation contraption I'll be using to make the most well-informed selection for the team going forward, right?  Well, have no doubt!  I plan to use the most scientific formula ever used when deciding which direction to take.  Yeah, that's right. I'm flippin coins, people!

Sure, that might mean I drop Peyton (assuming I am allowed to - I can't remember which players I have that are on the 'cannot cut' list, if any).  No one on my team will be safe except for the Steelers defense.

The Turfdiggers are on a 6-game losing streak and stand with a record of 3-6-0, putting them in a 3-way tie for LAST PLACE.  In line with my recent Duke Nukem (computer game) obsession, it's like my team turned the jet pack off from the top of an open-area map.  SPLAT!

Once the new team is assembled, I'll update you with the roster.

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