Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turfdiggers Tuesday - D.U.S.T.E.D. I got Dusted

For a brief moment, that is at sometime late on Sunday, it looked like the Turfdiggers had a chance.  That completely disappeared when Phillip Rivers dominated on Monday night, scoring 29.96 fantasy points alone. The Turfdiggers never saw what hit them as they fell 106.66 to 75.61 against the Red Grange Halls.

The managing problems continue for the team.  Shiancoe scored just .30 points.  Brandon Marshall had 2.05 points.  Felix Jones, just 2.30.  On the bench, Woodhead scored 10.50 and Cooley had 4.55 points.  As it turns out, none of that mattered, really, in the loss due to the Grange Halls' incredible performance.  As NFL head coaches are getting fired for bad performance, all I can say is that I'm lucky this is Fantasy Football!

There were some highlights on the Turfdiggers (at least as far as the team is concerned), such as Michael Vick's 12.86, Santana Moss' 11.30 and Mike Williams' 8.70 points.  The shakeup that helped pull of a victory last week just wasn't enough again the league-leading team this week. 

The Turfdiggers and the Foxhounds are now both 4-7-0.  Next week, the team faces the second place Florida Vikings.  With only 6 games left in the regular fantasy season, the guys could theoretically still pull off a first place finish.  I wouldn't bet on that one.  What could actually happen, though?  Well, we could at least make the playoffs.  Here's hoping, but not holding my breath.

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  1. --David,

    Mind you, I do not enjoy 'dusting' my opponents. I was a bit fearful going into the Monday night game. A few interceptions by Rivers and I was up the creek. But, alas, I emerged the victor.

    Thanks for playing.

    Mark "The Red Grange Halls"