Thursday, April 8, 2010

Valbuena snags the ball!

Yesterday, Valbuena charged after a pop-up and caught it on the run in the middle of traffic. What a catch! Now, if I could just win a free trip to Tribeland and a couple tickets to the game....

Actually, one of my 'Bucket List' items is to take part in the off-season fantasy camp program they hold every year. Has anyone gone to one of those for their favorite team? I'd like to hear about it!


  1. That was a great catch, even if it was against my team. :)

  2. That was a great catch. White Sox Cards will just have to be content with Buehrle's play on monday, as pedestrian as it was.

    Sure great to get that win. For some reason I had placed an unwarranted amount of importance on that game.

  3. I told you,they just LET Chi Town win their opener! They'll be back for more vengence in a few minutes. Sorry Steve! Dave: never been to one but would love to go.Although I may have to be a coach at my age! Let us know when you'll be this way. Maybe you , MS and I can catch a game together! Gotta' go , first pitch coming up.