Sunday, December 20, 2009

Package from GCRL! Package from GCRL!

GCRL sent a package of cards to me recently and they were arranged (read, taped) to a folded piece of cardboard.  It was a lot like those repack boxes we all vow to wuit buying yet somehow end up duped into buying anyway!

In addition to the cards above (which are really penny sleeves stuffed with cards), there was a separate stack of cards in a card bag, too!

As you can see, there are all kinds of players, years, and brands!

I see now that the cards at the bottom should have been placed first so you could actually SEE the players! Ah well, all these years at this, and I'm still figuring out the scanner...

Don't get your eyes checked!  Don't adjust your set!  You *ARE* seeing double. :-)  Though, I think if you stare long enough, you can make the cards look 3D like those stereograms...

Score used some seriously bright orange on those puppies!

All in all, a great selection of Tribers from GCRL!!  THANK YOU very, very much!!


  1. a lot of cards only an indians fan could love. sorry for the duplication, but i was in a purging mood.

  2. Hey, I'll always take dupes!! I use them in my giveaways!