Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ho! Ho! Ho! 12 Days of Cardsmas is here!

Ladies and Gentlemen!  Boys and Girls!  I'm makin a list and checking it twice!

It is time for the annual "12 Days of Christmas" giveaway!  Now, before I give the deets, let me say this: I have a few "Trick-or-Treat" packages that I have yet to send out, and I am sincerely hoping to finally drop those in the mail tomorrow!  Those who haven't received yours yet, please don't take it personally! It is my own shortcoming that caused it!

Now, on to "12 Days!"

Here is how it works:  You provide me with a list of the following:
  1. At least two or three of your favorite BASEBALL teams
  2. At least two or three of your favorite BASEBALL PLAYERS
  3. If possible, list two or three FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, HOCKEY teams you like
That's it!  You send an email to me at davidinark@gmail.com with "12 DAYS" anywhere in the subject!   Please note, if it does *NOT* say "12 DAYS" in the subject, I may not see it!!  I will have a filter set up to catch all "12 DAYS" messages (as long as that is in the subject).

In your email, please provide the information requested above AND provide me a mailing address.  I have many of your addresses, I know, but I want to make sure I have everything up-to-date!

What do you get??

You get cards for each of the "12 Days of Christmas," of course!  12 so-and-so, 11 such-and-such, all the way to the partridge in the pear tree, which will, of course, actually be a card and not a bird.  All tolled, you get 78 cards! :-)

There are no "tricks" in these.  It's Christmas, after all!

Note: feel free to reply here, but ONLY email requests will be sent out.  In years past, mailouts have gone well into January.  I hope to get your gifts out by Christmas so you can open them on the holiday, but I can't promise anything.... Just look at my Halloween mailings for my track record... oy.


  1. As I am often found doing in "real" life, here I find myself talking to myself as well... :-)

    Here are the "kids" on the "good" list so far:


    Ho-Ho-Ho!! Keep 'em comin' :-)