Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in a holding pattern

Three things:

First, I know there are a few folks that did not get their "Trick or Treats" yet.  I *hope* to get those out first thing next week.  My deepest apologies.

Second, BigD sent me a bubbleope of cards some time ago and I had hoped to have those posted by now.  Alas, I have not, but rest assured, BigD - I got them and I appreciate them VERY much!! Thank you!

Third, I've been neglected all my blogs lately for two reasons, one of which is personally-motivated and the other is well, flat-out selfish.  The first reason is because of the work I am putting into my novel for the contest.  I am writing at least 50,000 words by the end of November.  So far, I am more than halfway there!  The goal after that is to rewrite and edit and eventually shop it out for publication (and most likely subsequently self-publishing it via  The other reason is my latest addiction to Plurking.  It's yet another social networking site, combining some features of facebook with those of twitter.  If you'd like to read more about that, you can check out my post here:

In the meantime, keep the Tribe on your mind!


  1. No worries, good luck on the novel! I have about three of 'em banging around in my head, but I haven't quite got around to forcing them onto paper yet.

  2. You sure have a lot of writing to do. God bless on the contest. Do your best. It will not be easy but i know you'd reap the fruits of your labor soon. Keep on writing!

  3. You have been automatically entered into a Random Contest.
    Choose your pack at your earliest convenience, or if you do not wish to participate, you may grant your entry to the blogger of your choice.

  4. Thanks everyone! And, dayf, I posted my choices to your blog!

  5. Good luck with the novel. I can't even get past word one on mine. :'(