Saturday, November 7, 2009

Belcher dons a Tribe cap

No, not this one:

(as seen on Thorzul)

But, this one:

Tim Belcher greed to become the pitching coach for the Indians yesterday.  Well, he'll be doing it for the whole season, really, but he signed up yesterday.  The new head-chief-in-charge, Manny Acta, is taking his time in rebuilding the Indians after Wedge's unceremonious dumping.

I haven't talked any about Wedge's replacement.  Call it sour grapes, call it being preoccupied with other things in life, call it "David Being Michael."  To be honest, I hadn't given much thought to Acta until today.  I'm sure many of you knew that he was the head guy for Washington.  I didn't.  Some of you may have known that he, like the guy he replaced in Cleveland, was fired from his job.  Nice.  The Indians couldn't wait to hire someone, so they picked the guy who was fired from his last job.  Maybe it's just me, but I'm thinking that might not be the best method for picking potential employees - let alone the one who is supposed to be management material.  I guess we'll see how it goes.


  1. I think hiring Acta comes down to the fact he is considered a bright baseball guy and was not fired because of a deficiency, but because the situation in Washington wasn't very good environment for a manager.

    He gets a fresh start in Cleveland and the organization hopes he breathes some new life to the MLB clubhouse.

  2. My brother went to college with Tim Belcher.

  3. It was ridiculous to see Cliff and CC in the World Series. Insult to injury like nobody's business.

  4. When I saw that the Indians hired Acta instead of Valentine my thought was "Poor David. He deserves a good team and Indian ownership refuses to provide."

  5. I'm going to at least give him the benefit of an open mind.