Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cards from Lucy and Patricia!

A few posts ago, I mentioned that young Lucy and her mother were sending me some Indians cards, and today those cards were in my mailbox! I was very surprised by the mix of cards in the stack, which included some brand-new 2008 Topps! How cool!

The cards, in the order they were sent to me, include: 1991 Topps Kevin Wickander, 2x 2005 Topps Aaron Boone, 1990 Donruss John Farrell, 2007 Fleer Ultra Ryan Garko, 1992 Stadium Club Dave Otto, 1997 Topps Chad Ogea, 2006 Upper Deck Cliff Lee, 1989 Topps Willie Upshaw, 2007 Topps Opening Day Jeremy Sowers, 1989 Topps Jon Perlman, 1994 Score Draft Pick Daron Kirkeit, 1989 Topps Doug Jones, 1994 Fleer Ultra Felix Fermin, 1992 Topps Charles Nagy, 1989 Topps John Farrell, 1994 Conlon Collection Rube Lutzke, 2002 Victory Jason Davis, 1989 Topps Brad Havens, 1992 Stadium Club Reggie Jefferson, 1989 Topps Luis Medina, 1991 Fleer Ultra Felix Fermin, 1983 Fleer Jack Perconte, 2007 Bowman Heritage Jhonny Peralta, 2007 Topps Andy Marte, 2007 Topps '52 Asdrubal Cabrera, 2007 Bowman Heritage Travis Hafner, 2004 Fleer InScribed Omar Vizquel, 1989 Topps Doc Edwards, 1987 Topps Pat Tabler, 2008 Topps Eric Wedge, 2008 Topps Jason Michaels, 2008 Topps Victor Martinez, 2x 2007 Topps Victor Martinez, 1988 Upper Deck Tommy Hinzo, 2007 Fleer Ultra Jeremy Sowers, 2006 Upper Deck Eduardo Perez, 1988 Topps Pat Corrales.

There is also a pack of Baseball Enquirer Mystery Cards. I'll do my own version of "Pack-a-Day" and bust it open soon!

The best cards in the lot though are the two 3x5 index cards with personal messages from Patricia and Lucy. And, Lucy even drew me a picture of a pitcher on the mound in mid-windup! I'll post it later when I have access to my scanner again!

I look forward to adding the cards I need to my collection!

I hope they enjoy the cards I picked out for them! Those will be mailed off this weekend!

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