Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tradin' with Ben

Ben Henry (Baseball Card Blog) posted a trade request some time ago. For pre-1980 Topps, he'd send out a stack of cards. I sent him a handful or so of Pre-80 Topps I had laying around, and he sent me about 50 cards in return. I can't help feel like he got the short end of the stick, so I plan to take care of that!

I believe most of the 'vintage' Topps I sent were Indians I had, but I think there was a 1978 Mike Schmidt, if memory serves. Don't worry Ben, there will be some more Pre-80's coming your way to help balance what you sent me!

Ben sent me: Two 1999 Topps '98 All-Topps Outfielders (Manny Ramirez), 1992 Topps Kids Sandy Alomar, 1993 Score Gold Rush Kenny Lofton, Dover Reprint Goudey Big League Bob Feller, 2003 Upper Deck Vintage Jim Thome, 1987 Fleer All-Stars Joe Carter, 1988 Topps '87 Record Breakers (Phil Niekro), 2008 Topps Opening Day Josh Barfield, 2006 Topps Turkey Red Grady Sizemore, 2008 Upper Deck Series 1 Rafael Betancourt, 2006 Topps Gold Bob Wickman (1693/2006), Topps Archives Ultimate 1954 Bob Kennedy, 2006 Topps Turkey Red C.C. Sabathia, 1984 Donruss Broderick Perkins, 2006 Turkey Red Victor Martinez, 2006 Topps Turkey Red Brian Slocum (that name has serious innuendo implications), 2006 Topps Turkey Red Casey Blake, 2006 Topps Turkey Red Cliff Lee, 2006 Topps Turkey Red Jake Westbrook, 2007 Upper Deck Series 1 Casey Blake, 2006 Upper Deck Jason Davis, 2006 Topps Turkey Red Fausto Carmona, 1985 Donruss Julio Franco, 1992 Topps Kids Mark Whiten, 1992 Topps Kids Greg Swindell, 1992 Topps Kids Albert Belle, 2007 Fleer Rookie Sensations Jeremy Sowers, 2000 Topps Tradition Continues Jim Thome, 1995 Fleer Pirate All-Star Game Kenny Lofton, 1993 Upper Deck Youthful Tribe, 2008 Topps opening Day Jason Michaels, 2008 Topps 50th Anniversary All-Star Rookie Team Kenny Lofton (AR50), 2008 Topps Own The Game Fausto Carmona (OTG25), 1978 Topps Indians Team Checklist, 2008 Upper Deck Series 1 Grady Sizemore Team checklist, 1996 Fleer Post-Season Glory Jim Thome, 2006 Topps (Opening Day?) Vicrot Martinez, 1983 Donruss Diamond Kings Andre Thornton (did you know the agreement with the MLB and Donruss required EVERY team have a DK, even if they didn't deserve to have one!?), 1987 Fleer Tony Bernazard, 1982 Donruss Diamond Kings Len Barker, 2007 Upper Deck Series 1 Joe Borowski, 1989 Donruss Diamond Kings Pete O'Brien, 1989 Ames Joe Carter, 1988 Topps Julio Franco, 1990 Score "Joey" Belle, 1992 O-Pee-Chee Premier Kenny Lofton, 1986 Donruss Diamond Kings Brook Jacoby, 1993 Upper Deck Top Prospects (Minor Leagure set) Brian Giles, 2002 Fleer Jim Thome (Did YOU know - "Jim scored 36 points in the High School Conference basketball championship while attending Limestone (IL) High School?")

I have not run the cards through my database yet, but I know from looking at them that there are at least several that I need for my collection! There are many that I already have, but that is the fun of trading - you never know what you're going to get! Plus, many of ones I *do* have, I haven't looked at in quite a while, so it is fun 'waxing nostalgia.' Thanks a TON, Ben!!

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  1. Ben's a good guy. He sent me the last 4 cards I needed for my '87 Topps set, as well as some '06 Turkey Red I needed. He only wanted two cards in return, but I sent him a few extra.