Friday, November 29, 2019

Cards are in the Mail!

If you signed up for my Pack A Daily do-over mailouts, the first round has been mailed!! Note that I had (and still have) mailers that were already put together as well, so those have gone out or will be going out before Christmas.

I had hoped to bring PAD Circus back in 2020, but my daughter is a senior this year so not sure how much time I can put into it. We’ll see!!

So, if you picked a team, I hope you enjoy your cards!!

Thanks, as always!


  1. what an effort! enjoy your daughter's senior year - it will go quickly!

  2. It's always good to see a laundry basket full of cards! 😀

  3. I got a package in the mail today... can't wait to see what's in there. Thank you!

  4. Mine arrived yesterday, thanks!

  5. Before I went to work on Saturday, the gf informs me I some I got some cards in the mail. I went off to work thinking it was probably a bubble mailer from ebay that I was expecting. So I get home around 2 am eager to open the package and boy, was I surprised to see that it was a box of cards! I ended up going to bed an hour later than I originally planned but much happier thanks to you. So many cards from so many years/brands/sets...I think I actually need a ton of them to complete some of my sets, especially the 2019 Topps Heritage, '84 Topps, '84 Donruss, '81 Fleer and '92 Denny's Grand Slam to name a few. Thanks so much!

  6. Wow, I had completely forgotten about this, but I received a box of Braves cards. Thank you!

  7. Unrelated - Is there a way to be notified via email whenever you add a blog post? I can't figure it out. Thanks.

  8. Thank you! Box arrived Saturday!

  9. I got my mailer today!
    What a good time opening this up!
    Thanks Tribecards! Merry Christmas!
    P. S. I also have a senior daughter and am not ready for her to leave.

  10. Dave, long time no read. I just found the blog again. I have some Indians cards to send you. What is your mailing address?

  11. Just found an exclusive David Henderson trading card in my box. Nice.

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