Friday, June 8, 2018

Cards from Barry - A trade for Jack McDowell 1997 Score Premier Club

In 2017, Barry reached out to me after reading a post I had made about the craziness that was 1997 Score (linked below). He asked if I had an extra Jack McDowell Premier Club card for his player collection. To be specific, he has a collection of nearly every Jack McDowell card. At the time, I did not.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago (at the time of this writing), and I had purchased several boxes on the VERY elusive 1997 Score Team Set. For the record and for clarification, THIS is what the box looks like for the TEAM SET version which includes the Platinum Club and Premier Club versions:

The key is the arched "Collect all Team Set Cards" below the team logo. There were several team sets produced in this fashion. If you find a box WITHOUT the arched text, it is the "other" team set and does not include the Platinum nor Premier versions... Freakin Score, man... Alas, I digress... Often...

The odds of pulling a Premier Team card from a BOX is 1:31 packs. That means that there *should* be one in each box of cards. There are 15 cards in the team set. What are the odds of pulling the one card you are looking for? I have no idea. I'm not a math guy. Haha. As I busted open boxes, sure enough I came across a Premier Jack McDowell!! HOLY SMOKES!!

I was so excited! I immediately sent the images to Barry and we exchanged info so that I could send it to him right away. If you are familiar with my work, I am NOT a trader. I am no good at it. I never know what's fair or not, so when I come across someone who needs a card, I just send it. It's my way of keeping the hobby alive.

Barry would have none of that, though. So, he sent me a handful of 2018 Bowman Indians cards in appreciation! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Barry!!

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