Saturday, July 8, 2017

Panini Prescott Recall "Missing" Cards... DUH!

So, Panini issues a statement about the fake/autopenned Dak Prescott autographs. But, the statement simply talks about the recalls and that they will continue the contract with Prescott. Wow, how nice it is to have a monopoly on a franchise such that you can take part in fraud and simply brush it away as if it were nothing. Kudos, Panini.

In the meantime, the statement also says that Panini is having trouble locating some of the recalled cards. Of course they are. Twitter is abuzz with talk of people keeping the autopenned versions because they will sell them off later for huge profit. Yeah, I called that one back when this whole thing started.

Remember, in the end: We, the hobby collective, don't REALLY care...

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