Saturday, June 10, 2017

1968 Fleer Indians Iron-on!

Heya! This week, I ripped open a pack (okay, I gingerly opened a pack) of 1968 Fleer Iron-ons for my weekly "Bustin' Our Wax" YouTube video. To my great delight, I managed to pull an Indians script transfer!!

Of course, there was gum stuck to the thing. There's something to ponder: gum, from 1968, stuck to the transfer. The gum is older than I am. That is pretty gross. Granted, it's not much older than I am, but I sure in the heck wouldn't want to pop gum into my mouth that was even remotely close to my age!

I am so glad I decided to grab this pack off eBay. Wahoo!!

Note: "Bustin Our Wax" is a weekly program on YouTube through my channel. It launches each Sunday at 3pm Central time. Here is the "Baseball" playlist with the series.

1 comment:

  1. Whens the live video of you cutting the Indians logo off the sheet and sending me the Angels logo? ;-)