Saturday, May 6, 2017

French Major League Movie Placard

Sometimes, you come across things that are related to your collection but aren't necessarily something you might usually collect. Here, I present such an item: A movie placard from France, featuring "Major League." The card itself is roughly 5" x 8"

Of course, I grabbed it because the movie is all about the Indians, but I don't usually collect movie cards (okay, I admit - I had never even heard of these before seeing this one). The front features the release date, country and genre on the top left. The movie's title (with the team name, no less - I guess that is what he movie was called in France) and Director name in the upper right finishes the top portion of the card. Below, we have two stills from the movie.

On the back, the French name of the movie (Les Indians), presumably, along with actor, crew, and "L'Histoire." There is also a section called "La Petite Histoire." It has been decades since I took French class, but it appears that the first section covers the movie's synopsis and the second is more about how/why the movie came about in the first place.

I have to say, this is a VERY cool addition to my Indians collection!


  1. Well, that's not something you see on the blogs every day!

  2. Cool. I've seen one of these for some other movie, TV show or maybe even just a celeb. Forget what that other one was, but whoever was showing it had no idea what it is all about. It reminds me of those late 70s SportsCaster cards.