Friday, December 11, 2015

Tribecards - Nachos Grande Style!

Back in early November, I received a box of cards from Chris (Nachos Grande). I can't remember if this was a gift, the result of a break, or some other wonderful alignment of the stars and planets, but whatever the reason, he sent me these great Tribecards! So far as i can tell, they were in no particular order, all mixed in together. That made going through them a whole lot of fun! Talk about a mix of faces, time periods, memories, you name it. Wow!

As you scroll through these, you have GOT to check out some of the stand outs: Grady Sizemore foil/chrome baseball card history; bright purple Carlos Santana; Sweet Spots; vintage; and the list goes on.

THANK YOU, Chris, for sending such a cool mix of Tribecards to the Henderson household!

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