Thursday, October 29, 2015

#PADCircus - The Last Packs, sorta

Hello, everyone! Today, I am opening the last packs we have. Well, not exactly. I am busting the remaining non-91 Upper Deck packs. I still have a bunch of 91 UD packs, but I will bust those open offline and dole out cards accordingly.

The free agents revealed today and over the past couple days will be put into a third draft. I know that doesn't quite give everyone a "No Skunk" draft. So, the remaining managers who do not get a chance for a no-skunk draft will get bonus cards/prizes as compensation. Hopefully, next time I'll have much better planning and consistency. But, we'll save the future of PADCircus for another post.

Let's rip some wax!

2006 Topps Cello with "bonus vintage cards"

Matt Holliday - rockies - maddings (Wahoo!!)
Buck Showalter - Rangers - free agent
Derek Jeter - Yankees - bo rosnys (wahoo!!)
ivan rodriguez/carlos guillen up the middle - tigers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!!)/free agent
rich aurilia - reds - arpsmith (wahoo!!) (anyone see aurilia on guy's grocery games? pretty cool)
curtis granderson - tigers - new jersey hadsalls (wahoo!!)
paul konerko - white sox - soxfan4life (wahoo!!)
matt murton - cubs - free agent
lyle overbay - blue jays - kazis (wahoo!!)
jj furmaniak - pirates - free agent
david dejesus gold 0774/2006 - royals - jennings64 (wahoo!!)
john mcnamara 90 topps - indians (wahoo!) - free agent
randy kramer 89 topps - pirates - free agent
robin yount 91 topps - brewers - thorzul (wahoo!!)
set checklist 3/3 - captkirk42s (wahoo!!)
marcus giles - braves - free agent
freddy sanchez - pirates - gcrl (wahoo!!)
shea hillenbrand - blue jays - free agent (how did he never play for the mets!?)
san diego padres team card - padres - free agent
tony clark - diamondbacks - dominic fdny (wahoo!!)
claudio vargas - diamondbacks - free agent
mark hendrickson - rays - free agent

1987 topps partial cello

wade boggs 86 all-star - red sox - northanmpton therapists (wahoo!!)
dave anderson - dodgers - captkirks42s (wahoo!!)
franklin stubbs - dodgers - night owls (wahoo!!)
billy sample - braves - free agent
jimmy key - blue jays - free agent
pete o'brien - rangers - arkansas tribecards (wahoo!!)
bob brenly - giants - free agent
wall backman - mets - eastern virginia mutts (wahoo!!)
hubie brooks - expos - thorzul (wahoo!!)
mike schmidt - phillies - eastern virginia mutts (wahoo!!)
tommy lasorda - dodgers - stealing home (wahoo!!)
rick reuschel - pirates - free agent
caludell washington - yankees - free agent
donnie moore - angels - free agent
dave stapleton - red sox - free agent
sid bream - pirates - free agent
dave anderson - dodgers - captkirk42s (wahoo!! seeing double!)

1996 Fleer Dodgers

tom candiotti - dodgers - arkansas tribecards (wahoo!!)
mike blowers - dodgers - free agent
set checklist - captkirk42s (wahoo!!)
ismael valdes - dodgers - play at the plate (wahoo!!)
todd worrell - dodgers - maddings (wahoo!!)
mike piazza - dodgers - illinois jafronius (wahoo!!)
antonio osuna - dodgers - jennings64 (wahoo!!)
raul mondesi - dodgers - cobb county superchickens (wahoo!!)
eric karros - dodgers - night owls (wahoo!!)
todd worrell - dodgers - maddings (wahoo!! seeing double! [double play?])

1988 Donruss

stan musial puzzle 25, 26, 27 - cardinals - wilsons (wahoo!!)
kirk mccaskill - angels - saitama sushi (wahoo!!)
mark mcgwire diamond kings - a's - wilsons (wahoo!!)
tom newell - phillies - free agent
john davis - royals - free agent
jay aldrich - brewers - free agent
jeff dedmon - braves - free agent
keith moreland - cubs - free agent (looks like i forgot to put him in draft in april maybe)
kevin mitchell - giants - arpsmith (wahoo!!)
carney lansford - a's - free agent
tom prince - pirates - free agent
bob melvin - giants - jennings64 (wahoo!!)
manny trillo - cubs - free agent
andy mcgaffigan - expos - balking dead (wahoo!!)
ron oester - reds - nachos grande (wahoo!!)
terry leach - mets - free agent

1990 Donruss

carl yastrzemski puzzle 19, 20, 21- red sox - thoughts and sox (wahoo!!)
kelly downs - giants - free agent
jose lind - pirates - ventura county royals (wahoo!!)
dale murphy - braves - cobb county superchickens (wahoo!!)
andre dawson - cubs - arpsmith (wahoo!!)
kevin mcreynolds - mets - backstop cards (wahoo!!)
darnell coles - mariners - kazis (wahoo!!)
george bell - blue jays - kazis (wahoo!!)
randy bush - twins - eastern virginia mutts (wahoo!!)
howard johnson diamond kings - mets - kentucky quarrys (wahoo!!)
fred mcgriff - blue jays - backstop cards (wahoo!!)
dan gladden - twins - pedersejs (wahoo!!)
dwight gooden - mets - northampton therapists (wahoo!!)
tim raines mvp - expos - thorzul (wahoo!!)
damon berryhill - cubs - free agent
lonnie smith - braves - wilsons (wahoo!!)
scott garrelts - giants - dominic fdny (wahoo!!) (card was stuck to pack, wax buildup!)

Wow! There you have it, folks! Those were the last "online" packs to be busted for this year's Pack-A-Daily Circus! I will sort out the free agents and provide the draft to managers.

Thanks to everyone that played along this year! I know my posting was sporadic at best throughout the season, but I was given a LOT of much-needed encouragement from you. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your kind words (and sometimes a swift kick in the butt when needed).

I will be sorting cards from this season, last season, and I still have oversized cards to sort through from 2013's "From Outer Space" giveaway! WHAT!? Crazy, man. Those will ALL be divided and sent out to the respective managers.

I am planning to run the OOTP game for this year, but that will be coming a bit later - most likely starting up around Thanksgiving break. That should be a fun off-season project.

One last thought: When your hobby begins to feel like work, it's time to make some changes. Basically, that's what happened this season: my fun hobby turned into work and it lost its luster for me. In fact, I had written a "Tribecards Farewell" post to be run on Bob Feller's birthday coming up soon. But, I had some encouragement from my son and a few of you (without you even knowing it) and I realized that I still love doing this. I just need to tweak a few things. One tweak I made this season was not killing myself to post. I know that drove some of you batty, but if my heart wasn't in it, I didn't post. Those of you that are bloggers know that not posting is a slippery, easy slope to ride. So, I will find a balance for next season where it is a more regular schedule, but perhaps not a daily one. I dunno, by next season, I may ready for dailies. I still have tweaks in the drafting/management side of things because some players still manage to slip through the cracks or get lost from week-to-week and I don't know how that is happening.

Sorry for the digression.

I mainly want to say THANK YOU to each of you that read along, played along, and donated packs and/or money. I am always amazed at the support and kinship our hobby brings!


  1. No, thank YOU for all the hard work and for entertaining the rest of us throughout the season (and what a dismal season it was for Reds' fans)!

  2. I second the large tasty chip's comments - thank you so much for giving me the ability to "open" packs vicariously through you since I don't really get to open packs or pick up cards like this living in Japan. And being a part of the circus made it even more fun.

    I too know how hard it is to keep posting daily. Stuff happens, and as a reader I don't let it bother me. As a poster, I feel so far behind on what I want to post, but there is that line where your hobby becomes a chore and it isn't as fun.

    I look forward to whatever you come up with next year, if anything. If I'm able, I'd like to contribute *something* to next year's "program" too.

  3. I'd rather have you posting sporadically than not posting at all. And you don't even have to give cards away for me to enjoy your blog. I have to admit I am looking forward to the redo of the OOTP game this offseason. It spreads things out for you a little bit more and it gives us players a chance to draft our whole teams before the season starts.

  4. Awesome - that Jeter card is the last one I need to complete the whole '06 Topps set! And anyone who was driven batty by you not posting daily should not be participating. Once again thank you for this fun project!

  5. Like everyone else my friend i would. Rather have random posts from u then none at all....and always thanks for the fun throught the season

  6. You are the MAN! It was a true honor to meet you earlier this year and I hope we can meet again sometime. I know everyone appreciates your generosity! Please feel free to keep any Indians cards that might be in my pile for any reason. I'd be happy to do a week of guest posting/busting to give you a break next year. I'd even supply the packs! Thanks David.

  7. Thanks for putting all of this together and following through with it! I always look forward to each post. I can only imagine the amount of work and time that you put in to keep this organized. Your work certainly puts smiles on the faces of many collectors. Thanks again!!!

  8. Say it aint so, David. The black home created by the absence of your blog might well suck away another two or three blogs with it, so just take a break and let's keep on truckin' next season.

    I like PATP's idea to have guest bloggers participate and give you a break. Bloggers could bust few packs and then send the cards to you for sorting at the end of the season.