Sunday, July 20, 2014

#PackADailyCircus - A crazy, fun draft

Hello, everyone! This week's draft was a bit crazy! We had 135 or so players up for grabs. A couple managers decided to go for every single player available. That made for some fun drafting there at the end.

I am also looking into an access-based system to help me run these drafts. I have a large chunk of it by using a modified version of a football draft database developed by MattaBase ( and have contacted him for some additional thoughts/input. Though, once I start messing with the system, I'll probably figure out what I need before he has a chance to respond.

In any case, I am still using the Excel/by-hand method. Here is how it went down:

 The managers were put into the randomizer:

Then, after everything was said and done, we have our player assignments.  NO ONE got shut out! I was actually surprised because many folks only submitted a handful of players or so. Remember, the more names submitted, the better chance of getting players. Of course, being an Indians collector, I understand that picking card for the sake of picking cards is not always the best way to add to one's personal collection. Even I am guilty this round of picking players that USED to be Indians and I picked Ian Desmond. I was shocked when I landed him! That will go into my "Non-Tribers" collection.

I hope you can make things out after clicking on the image below. I had it shrunk down in Excel so I could see everything during the draft, then promptly forgot to enlarge it when I took the snapshot.

One of the coolest requests was one in which the manager just wanted ONE of the blue border cards. He said, "I am just going after a blue card here." As it turns out, he did not get any blue cards, but had he pulled one, I would have removed the rest of the blue cards from his list and moved forward from there. In fact, had he swapped his first-round pick and his second-round pick, he would have ended up with a blue card! Man, the draft can be such a witch sometimes! I ran into that with Pat Tabler. Ah, such is the way of baseball...

It will take me a little while (couple days, working off-and-on as I can) to get these posted to our respective teams.

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  1. It is nice to get more depth at many positions on my OOTP team, but I don't know if I will be able to overcome a 14-game deficit in the Wild Card race or a 17-game deficit in my division. I think a lot of the guys I picked up in this draft will take over as starters on my weak roster.