Thursday, March 22, 2012

And so Topps gets another notch

Upper Deck is being sued by the MLB. That's not news anymore.

What is news these days in the trading card industry?

The NFL joins other companies in suing Upper Deck for failure to pay contractual obligations. Yeap, Upper Deck, the big boys that took over some of the most beloved names in sports trading cards is now up the creek.  And, they broke their own paddles.

This effectively launches Topps to the forefront of sportscards.  While that was great back before there WERE other trading card companies, this is an absolute disaster for the hobby.  Topps has exclusive rights to the MLB, and we have seen what junk has come of it.  Granted, there are a couple intriguing designs, most of it is stuck in the "retro" world.  Seriously. Retro went out at least three years ago, if not back when it was actually new and NOT retro.

Anyway, I hate "exclusive rights" models that are really nothing than legal monopolies.  Yeap, Upper Deck has, er had anyway, them too.  I guess my beef should be with the various sports leagues for being so stupid to allow such a mess in the first place.

Here's the story on the NFL and Upper Deck, thanks to Cardboard Connection for posting it.

**On a side note: Had I known Ted on "How I Met Your Mother" was an Indians fan, I would have watched the show a long time ago... Er, no. I wouldn't have. I would have thought about watching it though...

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