Saturday, November 19, 2011

Seriously. Let him go.

Ah, yes, word on the street is that the Indians and Grady Sizemore's people are close to a 1-year deal to bring him back to Cleveland.  Am I the only Tribe fan that sees this as a horrible, horrible thing to do??  He was once a great outfielder. There is no doubt about that.  He even did "okay" last year for a guy who was plagued by the same injury-proneness that has followed him for years.  And, therein lies the rub: he cannot stay in a playable condition.

Please, let the man go. Let some other team deal with injuries and rumor and speculation of playability.  We need new, healthy players in the Tribe clubhouse.  We have got to look FORWARD with both eyes instead of glancing forward while keeping our team's head turned to the past.

The Indians management needs to grow a pair and cut loose that which drags the team down.  At the same time, quit pulling in players that only serve to increase the average player age of the team.  Age and experience can be good things. No doubt there.  But, sometimes, you have to just keep swimming.  Keep moving forward.  It's worked pretty well for Disney. Let's try it in Cleveland.

Here's the MLB article regarding the deal as of Friday.

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  1. Much as I like Grady, you took the words right out of mouth.