Saturday, April 9, 2011

Card Bandits Facebook Friends Jumbo Case Break

So, here's the deal: $24 gets your favorite team (assuming it is still available) in a 2011 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Case break.  Who is sponsoring this?  Why, the Card Bandits, of course!  Here is the link to their Facebook note about it:!/cardbandits?sk=notes

It is for Facebook friends only!  What if you're not a Facebook friend of the Card Bandits?  Well, get on over there and start befriending them!  Not only will it open the door to your participation in the case break, but if you are not already reading their blog, you are missing out on some great hobby-related posts (not to mention the sport in general)!

There are still plenty of teams ripe for the taking.  Oh, and for your $24, you get every card from your team: base cards, autos, relics, inserts, parallels, you name it.  AND, that has the shipping and shipping materials already included!  Yeap, the total is $24 - lock, stock, and barrel!

This post on probably isn't what Card Bandits was looking for in a "Facebook Friends Only" case break, but the response has been a bit slow and I am trying to spread the love (since we seem to be in the middle of 60's revival what with all the talk of 'peace, love and many greenies - I digress).  So, share the love and get your tuckus over to Facebook!

Read this:!/cardbandits?sk=notes, befriend (or "like" I can't remember which now) Card Bandits, and get in on this exclusive, fun break!

The Indians, of course, are spoken for. ;-)

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  1. I happen to love this post. Thanks for the promo =)

    I like doing the case breaks, it's cheaper than buying a bunch of packs and hoping to get the cards of your team.