Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gearing up for Fantasy Baseball!

If each of the leagues in which I participated last season fire up again this season, and if Tribecards is asked to join again, the Tribecards sports conglomerate will have expanded to three baseball teams and two football teams.  There was once a hockey team, but that faded quickly.  Heck, there was once a golf venture.  But, baseball is the cornerstone.  It is what started this blog, what fueled my passion as a collector, and what continues to feed habit of hoarding little bits of cardboard. 

I am the first one to admit that my record in fantasy sports is not good.  Okay, I completely stink at it.  But, like the teams that can't muster up a winning season in the MLB, I continue to play because I love doing it.  Like the real-life players and managers the fantasy games are based, I continue to hold out the hope that with the right combination of players and a little good luck and uncanny timing, I will cull together a winning season.  And, beyond that, there is the hope of winning the whole shebang.

Granted, in the fantasy games I play, there are no monetary gains and no trophies.  Instead, one wins the satisfaction of beating the other players to reach the top.  It is a mostly intrinsic victory.  And, over the years, I found those to be some of the most satisfying. 

Good luck to all the folks in each of the leagues where we share our love for the game.

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  1. I looove fantasy baseball!

    I get trophies in the leagues I play in, though. Virtual ones! Ha.