Monday, March 28, 2016

PunkRockPaint - Star Wars Galactic Greats Set

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What I present to you today is one of the greatest custom card sets I have ever seen. And now, I own a set! These are the Galactic Greats Card Set from PunkRockPaint (aka Travis Peterson). Holy smokes, these things are fantastic!

It's not just the cards, though. The entire packaging screams of 1977 Kenner Star Wars action figures! The hanger card is styled perfectly and beautifully. The back includes fun tidbits and a special appearance by that ever-frustrating toy, Boba Fett with "shooting" missile - yeah, you know the one that DIDN'T shoot because kids might choke on it!?

The cards are made of great card stock, featuring each of the 30 MLB teams represented as a Star Wars reference. On the back are hand-drawn "Galactic Greats" comics with wonderfully referenced captions.

These really are that good! (Click images to see larger views)






Now, if you've scrolled down this far, you are about to be told a secret... Sshhh... I actually ordered TWO of these packs!! Why is that a secret? Because I am giving away one of the packs during a future free agent draft!! That's right, *YOU* could win! Now, I haven't decided if I am doing the pack as one "card" or if I am going to separate them out and let folks pick the individual card(s) they'd like to draft - either way, this will be open to *ALL* readers, even if you aren't yet a manager in the PAD Circus 2016! Stay tuned for details. If you have a preference - whole pack or individual cards, feel free to comment below. I'll think about which direction to take.


  1. I'd say keep 'em together as a set. Pretty cool cards, I love the creativity out there (and oh how I wish I had even the slightest bit of artistic ability)!!

  2. I also say keep them together--one would be nice be all of them would be fantastic

  3. Super happy with mine, and just ordered two more for friends!