Saturday, January 2, 2021

I Dropped the Ball

 Welcome to 2021. In line with the ball dropping to signal the new year, I, too, have dropped the ball. Unfortunately, my drop is of the negative kind. 

I have no real reason nor excuse for not getting the 12 Days of Cardmas packages put together and mailed out. The simple fact is: I dropped the ball. 

The packages will come, eventually. I am sorry for letting this slip by me.

Hope your 2021 goes MUCH better than your 2020!


  1. i still got cards to send to you from like 2016 don't sweat it
    this just means it's not too late to sign up lol
    get em sent at your own pace

  2. No need to apologize! Hope everything is well with you, and you were able to enjoy the holidays!!

  3. No problem sir! 2020 was a thing and we're all glad it's over with. Stay healthy and safe!

  4. This completely slipped my mind. I had plenty of other stuff to think about. You know, 2020!

    So, it's not like we're tapping our foot.

  5. No problem at all! I actually had a problem recently with some packages that were "delivered" to the wrong address which I will never see - I was hoping no blogger packages were included. With this post I now know that they are all accounted for.

    Certainly no reason to make an extra post office trip in these times . . .