Saturday, February 14, 2015

Eating the Elephant

Hey, everyone! I know it has been WAAAYYY too long since I last posted here. I am slowly eating the elephant, as they say. That is, I have been getting cards sorted little by little from the last TWO giveaway seasons.

Though my original goal was to have those done before talking about the upcoming pack-a-day season, I can see that this is one big freakin elephant. So, I will continue to chip away at all the cards that still need sorted and mailed, but I am also ready to look ahead!

I have two main things that need to be accomplished before the start of the new baseball season:

  1. We need a name for this year's giveaway! We've had "Tribecards from Outer Space" and we've had "Pack-A-Daily Circus." Feel free to chime in on a new name, or if you like one of the previously used ones, we may stick to using one of those from here on out. 
  2. Recruiting and setting up! I will be holding a "closed" invitation period for previous players to get in on this year's action. After that deadline, I will open up the rosters to anyone else that wants to join. As a bonus to those that have played last year, returning managers will be allowed to choose nine (9) players from their last year's roster to be guaranteed additions to this year's roster! So, if a previous manager had Babe Ruth on their roster, s/he could choose Babe Ruth as one of their nine carry-overs. All unclaimed players (and players left undrafted last season, plus any new players this season) will be open for anyone to try and draft.
I will be doing the OOTP game again this year. I had a LOT of fun running a fantasy baseball simulation along side the pack-a-day breaks. That added a whole other dimension to collecting these bit of cardboard we all love so much.

I was hoping to have developed an automatic draft program to help with the drafts, but that got put on the very far back burner and never amounted to anything more than a few rough sketches and a barren access database. Ah, well, maybe one day.

So, stay tuned because things are going to get fast and furious as Opening Day 2015 quickly approaches!

Thanks for reading along.


  1. Ahhhhhh yes. Love love LOVE pack a day!

  2. If it weren't for Facebook my friend I would of thought u died under an avalanche of Indians cards

  3. pack-a-daily circus will be a tough name to beat, so maybe just stick with that. good to see you're still truckin'! i'll have to start thinking about my keeper list...

  4. Yay! I like Pack-a-Daily Circus as well - and I love the keeper idea!

  5. I like Pack-A-Daily Circus, and I'd love to get involved.

  6. YES! I will be back to defend the OOTP title!

  7. Hooray! I was terrified we wouldn't have a season.
    Thank you Tribecards!

  8. I'm a big Tribe card collector. How do I get involved with you and others on this site? Thanks.

    1. Anthony, in terms of the Pack-A-Day breaks/giveaways, I'll have an "open call" for folks that want in coming VERY soon. In terms of general participation, just follow along and feel free to comment to my posts. :-) Thanks for joining the Tribecards Tribe!