Sunday, March 2, 2014

PackADaily Circus Update #packaday #tribecards

PackADaily Circus Update #packaday #tribecards

Hey all!  Yes, I have decided to go with "PackADaily Circus" as the theme for this season's pack-a-day break because things have been very circus-like since last season!

One of the things I am doing right now is shopping around for a fantasy sports site that will let us run this little shin-dig more like a fantasy league with less reliance on my own time to make it run. Besides, if we can get it into a fantasy-game arrangement, we're talking about the possibility of trades, etc during the season!

My initial goal was to record each individual CARD so that you could trade if you got duplicates. Let's be honest, that would create a fulltime job in itself. Maybe at some point down the road, but i don't see that happening this coming season. Heck, I'm not even sure right now that the whole online fantasy league scenario will play out.

If it does NOT play out, then we will run the show like we did last year: an initial draft followed by weekly drafts all moderated by hand.

So facr, we have 40 people signed up! That seems to be part of the "problem" with creating a fantasy environment because most fantasy sites limit the league to 16 managers. We'll have none of that in these parts! We're going big or going home! Er, well, not home so much as going... umm.. to do it by hand! Sure, it loses a little something there, but most of the people that know me realize a little "something" was lost a long, long time ago.

Okay, talented members of the Tribecards community: We need a new "poster" for the upcoming season. Start creating a graphic that you think encompasses the "PackADaily Circus" theme and email it to me at davidinark via yahoo.  I'll either pick the winning entry or we'll hold a contest!

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