Friday, December 30, 2011

Topps 2012 Series 2 on Facebook

Topps released pics/mock-ups of their 2012 Series 2 line for next year.  I made comments on each and every one of them as a way to provide customer feedback, and because I generally can't keep my mouth shut about anything these days, it seems.

My number one complaint: stickered autographs.  Oh, I know, to some collectors, just having an autograph is fantastic in and of itself.  For me, though, an actual on-card auto far outweighs the coolness factor of signed sticker.  Why?  Because with an on-card auto, you know the player actually touched the card in order to get the auto on there.  With a sticker, it just seems... I dunno... removed somehow.

My other issue is the large 1-of-1 letter patch cards and the 'retro-look' cards.  Come on. Using designs from past sets is played out. Has been for years.  Collectors want something new, fresh.

I actually like the designs of the base set for 2012 on the vertical cards.  The design, to me, does not work at all on horizontal versions.  Why not?  The "swoop/swish" thing takes up too much room.  On a vertical card, there is still plenty of space for the player photo.  On a horizontal card, though, that same element squeezes the player's photo.

By far, my favorite styles for the 2012 Series 2 are the Team Ring cards and the Gold Futures Coins.  I think they should do a "coins" version for HOFers/Legends though. Nice.

There are lots of additional pictures on their Facebook page (link below).  Topps has their version of "Upper Deck X" as well.  It's a so-so design, but looks far too much like "X" for my liking. I mean, sure I liked "X" die cuts and all, but once again - played out.  What I'd really like to see if the return of Pacific-style die cuts.  I mean, if we're going to do die cuts, let's get wild with them: Christmas tree ornaments, baseballs, whatever!

*The 2012 Series 2 album is here:


  1. I'm 100% with you're thinking on the on-card vs. sticker auto issue. I'll add my gripe about "short-hand" signatures, though. "Dear player, We value your talent. We like you. We may even idolize you. We certainly care enough to spend money on your card. Please respect us enough to take a few extra seconds and give us a legible signature. Thanks."

  2. Absolutely! Three little squiggles is NOT an autograph.

    1. Thanks for the comment David. I generally feel like I'm the only one who's bothered by that.