Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tribe-O-Matic Tourney Round 3

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!  Welcome to the top 8 teams left in the Tribe-O-Matic giveaway tournament, sponsored by Strat-O-Matic!

Today's games feature an even split among Classics and Currents!  We've got the 1909 Chicago AL and NL teams, the Cincinnati NL team, and the Philadelphia AL team.  Could this be the tourney for Chicago NL to take it all?  Well, how about the teams we have from 2009?  We've got Detroit, Minnesota, St. Louis, and Los Angeles AL from the Currents league ready for action!

How did these teams fare?  Let's check out the final scores from today's games:

1909 Chicago (NL)(andrewh) - 5
2009 Detroit(rogerl) - 0

1909 Chicago (AL)(thaner) - 3
2009 Minnesota(andy) - 2

1909 Cincinnati (NL)(joec) - 2
2009 St. Louis(kevin) - 3

2009 Los Angeles (AL)(danr) - 4
1909 Philadelphia (AL)(david) - 2

Well, there you have it, folks!  The FINAL FOUR have been decided!  And, what's great about this set of match-ups is that we've got two teams from 1909 and two teams from 2009!  This has been a true "Classics vs Currents" event!  What's more, we've got the two 1909 Chicago teams in the top four.  Whodathunkit!?  Well, I guess their managers woulda!

Here is the Tournament Recap through three rounds:


J. Baker FLN 1.000
M.Ramirez LAN 1.000
B.McCann ATN .778
D.Hoffman SLA .750
K.Elberfe NYA .750


J.Morneau MNA 2
M.Prado ATN 2
Others Tied With 1


H.Steinfe CHN 5
J.Thursto SLN 5
J.Mauer MNA 5
Others Tied With 4

Many Tied With 1


F.Rodney DEA 2
Many Tied With 1

Many Tied With 0.00

Many Tied With 3


P.Dougher CHA 5
F.Chance CHN 3
M.Mitchel CIN 3
Others Tied With 2

C.Sabathia NYA 12
R.Dempster CHN 11
G.Mullin DEA 10
J.Vazquez 9
Others Tied With 8

And here is how this round's action went down:

1909 Chicago (NL)(andrewh) - 5 vs 2009 Detroit(rogerl) - 0

1909 Chicago (AL)(thaner) - 3 vs 2009 Minnesota(andy) - 2

1909 Cincinnati (NL)(joec) - 2 vs 2009 St. Louis(kevin) - 3

2009 Los Angeles (AL)(danr) - 4 vs 1909 Philadelphia (AL)(david) - 2

Stay tuned tomorrow for the FINAL FOUR showdown between two Classics and two Currents!  Those games will be posted a little later than these first rounds have been, but they'll get posted before the night is out.  I am also going to turn on the "Spectator Quick Game" which should give a full play-by-play account of both games!  This will give you a glimpse as to the detail of gameplay available.  Hopefully, it'll prove to be a lot of fun!

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