Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cards and a CD from BaseballDad

When I got home from work the other day, I found a small cardboard box in my mail.  As soon as I saw the return label, I knew at least one thing that was inside:

My new edition of The Card Collector!  BaseballDad worked out a deal where collectors could get a copy of the software on the cheap, and I took advantage of it!  I am currently using Version 7, like what is on the disc, but I am painfully behind with set updates.  My hope is that I can install this, have the updates and still have my currently entered cards show up in the new system.  I'll keep you posted. (See below)

But, that's not all!  Also inside the box were four Tribe cards!
Peralta and Martinez on 2006 UD SPx!  UD could have used V-Mart's pic for this year's cards, since there are no logos involved.  Just saying.  Well, never mind he isn't a Triber anymore...

Then we have Pronk and CC on 2005 UD cards! Awesomeness!

The Card Collector update:
I installed the CC program to the default location.  When prompted for my collection database location, I pointed to what I *thought* was my current collection.  A quick perusal of inventory (not to mention a "Summary Inventory report) showed things were grossly amiss.

Inside the CC, I pointed to another location I thought data might be stored, and it at least had a 2010 date on it.  I took that as a sign, and opened the file.  After a while (it took a long time to import), I double-checked and found recent entries like the custom Phungo cards I had put in a month ago.

The total card count shows 9510, though, and I'm not sure that is accurate.  I thought I had closer to 10,000 than that.  So, I will have to do some random pulls to see what comes up and what comes up missing (if anything).  Perhaps this will encourage me to put a running card count on my site, so at least I'll know what I think I should have...

Regardless, THANK YOU very much to BaseballDad for his work in putting this together!

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