Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"You just have to be heavy enough..."

What a crazy day in Cleveland, huh? Shoppach "supposedly" tags out Crede at the plate. I am a Tribe fan through and through, but even I have to admit the tag-out at home sure looked like a miss to me. Good thing I'm not an ump. When asked about it, Shoppach said, "You just have to be heavy enough to come back to the earth quick enough. And maybe I was." (source: Indians.com) Classic stuff! :-)

Victor Martinez pulled a hammy while running to second, so he's out on "day-to-day." Ouch!!

And, how about Thome? Two homers in an Opening Day game!? Yeah, I know, he's on the wrong side of the bat, but that is way cool! And, his first homer was the first time C.C. gave up a home run to Thome. That says a alot about C.C. for sure!

Casey Blake got up to bat in the 8th and swung for the fences. "I was begging for a home run there," Blake said with a smile. (source: Indians.com) Begging is right. Instead, the ball went off the top of the wall for a lead-taking, bases-clearing hit.

The Tribe won their home-opener 10-8, and both teams played great! Now, THIS is baseball! Oh, and it turns out the Pirates won their first game, too! Having grown up in Pittsburgh, I am always a Pirates fan. Of course, since they won already, there's a good chance that will be the last win for quite a while... Bummer. Maybe they'll prove me wrong!

And, how can I talk about Opening Day without mentioning the "Old School" / "Throwback" uniforms? Seriously, who decides these things? Throwback cars with updated features, yes. Throwback baseball cards, okay but getting old and repetitive. Throwback uniforms, jury is still out for me. The Tribe unis aren't too bad, compared some of the other 'old school' uniforms the teams are busting out lately. The main thing that using 'throwbacks' says to me is that the creative designer behind the uniforms is out of ideas. The same holds true for baseball cards and automobiles. Look, I love the new Challenger as much as the next HP-hungry guy, but the truth is, the designers too the Charger, chopped it up, and threw on a 70's-style body. It was not much of a leap. Same holds true for the uniforms... Oh well, eventually the "need" for bringing back the old days will pass, and we'll see some cool designs again.


  1. That was deifintely a great game that was played well by both teams. I found myself enjoying the entire game and was glued to my seat until the end.

    I'm shocked that both starters gave up so many runs.

  2. That was a classic quote.

    Baseball is full of great quotes.