Sunday, October 7, 2007

Flaming Balls

I have stacks (and stacks, and stacks, and stacks) of duplicate Tribe cards. Today, following the utter humiliation suffered after the loss to the Yankees on Sunday, I randomly picked up a small stack, cut the cards, and chose the card at the split. Fittingly, it is the 1991 Score Dream Team card of Doug Jones.

I want to know what was going through the heads of the various people involved here... Take a walk down imaginary lane, if you will....

Photographer: "Okay, Doug, we need you to stare at the ball. Pretend you're "The Thinker" and you're thinking about your next heater..."

Jones: "What? Couldn't I just sit here and pretend to be Alan Jackson?"

Photog: "Who?"

Jones: "You know, that country singer. I like his 'stache..."

Photog: "Whatever. We're going to airbrush a flame coming out the ball after we're done."

Caterer/Intern: "Oh-mah-gawsh! Like, you mean, he'll be holding a flaming ball!? Yummy!"

Jones: "What!? A flaming ball!? No friggin way!"

Photog: "Not like that, Doug. Like a super-hot fastball... A heater! (lowers voice) Shut up, Alejandro!"

Jones (to team attorney): "Is this really in my contract!?"

Attorney: "Well, you see, the thing is... it is not specifically NOT in your contract..."

Photog: "It'll be 'tastefully done' and we're using black & white film!"

Jones: "Good God! I'm holding a flaming ball AND it's in black & white!? There goes my career...."

On the other hand, the fact that the Indians went down in flames tonight (Sunday) and that I picked a card bearing a flame seems a little more than just a coincidence.....

Friday, October 5, 2007


I thought it appropriate that I received a pair of 2002 Fleer Jacobs Field cards yesterday in the mail! (Note, my card is not cut like the scan, my scanner did that) What follows is one of those "amazingly stupid coincidence" lists:
  • I received TWO of these (one is the Gold version),
  • The year on the card is TWO thousand TWO,
  • I couldn't post it last night, so I posted this after game TWO of the alds,
  • Indians won TWO to 1 tonight,
  • I should have ended this list with only TWO points!!

I like stadiums cards almost as much as I like team cards. I just think it is very cool to have a card-sized photo of the stadium where one's favorite team plays. I usually prefer that the checklist on the back actually reflect the team's stadium on the front, but oh well... :-) Since I live in Arkansas, I have not yet made the "pilgrimage" to The Jake, but I will one day!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

2007 UD Holiday Inn

While staying somewhere this summer, I saw that Holiday Inn was going to have a collector's set of cards. I was pretty excited about the prospect. The truth is, I've never really grown up when it comes to my Indians card collection, so any time there is even a hint of a chance that I can score some "oddball" Tribe cards, I'm giddy.

I never did buy any packs, and now that I have these two, I'm kinda glad. The cards have nice player pics, a kinda cool border, and no foil (which these days makes the card a true collectible!). The back sports a similar border, the card's number of 60, team logo, some stats from previous years, and a highlight from the previous year. Oh, and there's also the UD Kids card code... :-)

So, what's my complaint? The card makes no mention of Holiday Inn at all. Not even in the fine print at the bottom. This feels like a set of cards that Upper Deck made, and at the last minute decided to offer it to whatever hotel chain would accept a tie-in. I mean, even a (heaven help me) small foil logo would have sufficed. Nope. Nothin. The only inkling is that the card is "of 60."

That's my only complaint. After all, at least UD included the Tribe!! :-) And any card that I need for my collection is a welcome one - any day, any kind!

Monday, October 1, 2007

2005 Topps Hot Button

Sometimes I "discover" cards while I am looking for needed cards to add to my ever-growing collection. These Hot Button cards fall into that category. I honestly don't even remember what I was looking for when I turned my search to something like "Topps, Hot Button, Indians" on Beckett's marketplace. Low and behold, I found these two guys hanging around waiting to be snagged up and added their friends at my place! The cards themselves are very cool. Anywhere you see white in the scans is actually the inside lid of the scanner - the cards are transparent. Down each edge of the card are codes for BB, K, 2B, 1B, etc. Since I never owned the game that goes along with the cards, I can only assume the reader has something to do with these letters. Each player is given a "Hot Rating." The team logo is on both sides of the card in the same place. The back features bio info, plus the stats for the player's previous year, and little blurb about the pictured player.

The cards themselves are a thin plastic. Thinner than a credit card, and actually kinda flimsy in my opinion. I happen to have a large Taco Bell cup on the desk, and I'd say the plastic in the cards is about the same "strength" as the TB cup (very informal, non-scientific determination).

No matter, these cards that I had not heard of prior to running across the set (most likely during an eBay search). A nice addition, to be sure!

Tomorrow, we're goin to the "hotel.... motel.... Holiday Inn...."