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Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Break for Tribecards!

One of the biggest advantages of being in education: Spring Break. My family and I are enjoying a few days together in Hot Springs, Arkansas during our Spring Break. Of course, I will be on the hunt for some cardboard goodness to bust open and share with you on here.

I've done some preliminary searches and have come up with two possible local card shops. The problem is that neither one appears to be currently interested in baseball cards according to online reviews and what little info I can find about them.

But, we shall see!

First up is Legends and Heroes Sports Cards, which seems to be renamed to CosmoToys. According to Google Maps, it seems to be located either in or near the "Central Station" marketplace building, which is basically an indoor flea market if memory serves.

The next possibility is a place called "Alternate Worlds Card and Comics." This is (or was) located in a shopping plaza with several stores arranged in something of a "U" shape. We used to call them "strip malls" when I was a kid growing up in Pittsburgh. Not sure what people call them these days - hahaha!

I will keep you posted and most likely end up with at least one pack/box from the local big box retailers they have in the area.

I am hoping to discover something off the beaten path. Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hot Springs Spring Training

I recently provided tech support for an educational conference in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  While I was milling about, I came across a series of old photos and stories about baseball Spring Training in Hot Springs.  Sorry the photos aren't great - lots of reflection from the light/windows behind me.  I do want to say that Photoshop Elements does one heck of a job in fixing perspective!  Many of these were too high to get a straight-on shot, but a little photo editing magic, and they look pretty good. 

Next to each photo was a placard explaining the photo.  So, for your "virtual field trip" enjoyment, I present some of the exhibit (Click images for larger versions):