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Saturday, August 8, 2009

2009 A&G Hobby Group Break Updates & Highlights

Whew! man, what a night! The group break got off to a late start (well, late if you are in CST or any points east!), but folks hung around to watch it get going and then BOOM, we were rolling.

In the first six packs, I pulled three game-used cards. If most of the boxes are set up this way, ask the dealer to open a new box, and buy the first 6-8 packs and head for the door! Of course, mileage may vary, so there is no guarantee, right? Still... Wow!

My original intent was to list out what everyone received. Yeah, sorry, but not gonna happen. Way too time intensive this go-round. If you do want to know, though, you can read the live break and just search for your name (or the name of any of the participants) and keep doing the "find next" or if you have IE8 (or other browsers that support the following function), you can "find all occurrences" or something like that.

One note I need to make here is that Josh Beckett is not pictured in a Mariners uni, as stated during the break. He is shown in a Marlins uni. What was i thinking? Grant will keep the card since no one had claimed the Marlins. No harm, no foul, no blood, no problem. Hmm, not quite the way that song goes, is it?

I've taken pictures of some of the cards, and those are below. They are not in any specific order simply because Blogger uploads pictures in the reverse order you select them, and Blogger only lets you upload five pics at a time. So who knows what'll happen (and, as you may have guessed, I am typing this before actually uploading the photos).

I don't know when my next group break will be. I am toying with the idea of doing one every couple weeks, maybe allowing for folks who missed this one to get in on another and/or giving the folks that took part in this to get their hands on some more goodies. I will say that any money collected for these breaks goes toward two things: covering the cost of the box/case being broken and/or the purchase of future boxes/cases. We pool our money, and everybody (hopefully) walks away happy (or at least satisfied with what they receive). It's all about having fun, collecting, and spreadin' the good word about our beloved hobby! And, hey, if you happen to walk away with an Albert Pujols game-used bat card along the way, then why not?

Okay, enough of the chit-chat, let's see the goods: