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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting a feel for DoubleVisionaries

Once the set is complete, I will be printing these out in standard baseball card format. I'll post more details about this "FanSet" after the set is complete.

My wife asked if I was going to do a "Dave Henderson" card... I laughed and told her the non-ballplayers were supposed to be famous (or at least semi-so).

Here is card #2 in the set:

OOPS! I just noticed there is some editing to do on the country singer. I'll get that fixed.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

(update) So far the double-visionaries have it

Update: I have been playing with a few things, still liking the sunglasses idea, and am posting the next 'version' of the card. This time, I have also included a sample of the back of the card as well. The glasses are bigger now, allowing for larger images. Remember, the back is 'flipped' so that the text would be behind the correct picture. Guess I should have included a card number and a copyright statement on there. Well, in future versions, I suppose.

My thinking is that the 'sunset' in the background may actually be the thing that changes color for different cards in order to better represent the colors seen in the photos themselves. With Photoshop Elements, that should be easy to pull off.

So, here are the latest incarnations (the original can still be seen below):

As I was writing this post, it occurred to me that since the majority of folks have chosen (so far) to have both the sports figure and their non-sport counterpart on the same card, I would call the set "DoubleVisionary!" You like, yes? Uh, maybe not. Well, that's what I'm calling it because I like it a lot better than "SameName." That one sounds too much like a puzzle on "Wheel of Fortune," though now that I said THAT, it might be cool to have missing letters and such. Er, scratch that...

For those keeping up (and I'm NOT talking about Bruce Jenner's family here), Dave (GooseJoak) and I had a great conversation regarding the use of his 2009 templates. I let him know up front that my main concern was the integrity of his own base set. We agreed that my idea did not (er, uh) set well with the goal of his own set. And, in a way, that conversation helped steer the design idea for the DoubleVisionary set. Of course, at the time, it was still the 'SameName' set, so now I am thinking of a new design to take advantage of the DoubleVisionary idea.

I'm working on a logo and I will have info on the back of each card. The sample below is not quite what I have in mind, but it's an idea anyway:

Feel free to offer input, suggestions (such as: Dude, you should really take some classes), ideas, etc...

As always, thanks for stopping by!