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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

(Mail Day)^2 + TonT = Fun Tribecards Time!

Today was MAIL DAY!  Yeap, that's right, I **finally** pointed my Charger toward the Post Office and mailed off several bubbleopes I have been meaning to send off for weeks now!

And, today was MAIL DAY! I had a package from the good Cap'n himself, Capt Canuck from the Great White North!  Let's see what's inside:

First up, we have a great selection of Indians O-Pee-Chee cards from 1985!  Man, do these guys bring back some memories!

Then, we have a bunch of Panini stickers from 1989!  I don't know off-hand which ones I need, but I am pretty sure I don't have the Cleveland Stadium sticker. That is SWEET!

Rounding things out, how about a couple of Victor Martinez cards and a pack of 1990 Donruss cards!  Oh yeah, there will be some "Tribe or No Tribe" tonight!  In fact, that is coming up right after you look at these beauts:

Now, let's bust open this pack of Donruss for a little Tribe-or-no-Tribe action:

17 cards in the pack plus a puzzle piece. Par score = 9 points at 0.5 per card

Carl Yastrzemski puzzle piece. Well, I suppose that gets the base +0.5 score. Total = 0.05

Dave Stewart (A's) MVP card - +0.5 points, total = 1.0 point
Chad Kreuter (Rangers) - +0.5, total = 1.5 points
Willie McGee (Cardinals) - +0.5, total = 2.0 points

Felix Jose (A's) - +0.5, total = 2.5 points
Eric Show (Padres) - +0.5, total = 3.0 points
Gene Larkin (Twins) - +0.5, total = 3.5 points (Well, we are on par anyway)
Ricky Jordan (Phillies) - +0.5, total = 4.0 points
Gary Pettis (Tigers) - +0.5, total = 4.5 points
Rickey Henderson (A's) - +0.5, total = 5.0 points (Now, THAT is awesome. Period!)

Bill Doran (Astros) - +0.5, total = 5.5 points
Brad Komminsk (Indians - TRIBECARD!) - +2, total = 7.5 points

George Canale (Brewers) - +0.5, total = 8.0 points
Billy Ripken (Orioles) - +0.5, total = 8.5 points (no "error" here! That's just for Topps)

Chili Davis (Angels) MVP, +0.5, total = 9.0 points
Les Lancaster (Cubs), +0.5, total = 9.5 points
Jim Acker (Blue Jays), +0.5, total = 10.0 points

Ron Robinson (Reds - TRAP!) - -1 point, 9.0 total points

Aw, dawg. I thought I was going to have a big time with that Indians card, but then fate stepped in and tossed me a trap card!  Well, I still scored above par on this pack!  Al-in-all, a *GREAT* delivery from Captain Canuck!!  Thanks a bunch!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Jaw, The Capt, and the Lost Auto

No, that's not the title of my latest foray into the publishing world (although, not a bad title for a future endeavor...), it is the latest pair of packages to find their way to Prescott!

The Jaw
These cards were wrapped up in a note which read, "Tribecards - I hope you need some of these!" I know for a FACT there are at least a couple I need. How do I know? Because I do not believe I have ever seen them before...

It may be hard to tell in the scans, but if you enlarge the pictures, you will find many, many, Manny cards! Plus a whole slew of other favorite Tribers! Including some Hall-of-Fame action going on there!

Now, if TheJaw is reading this, and it appears to be missing a card - keep reading!

THANK YOU very much for these great Tribers!! I am looking forward to getting these in the database!

The Capt
The next group of cards comes from the Great White North, eh! If you watch closely, you will notice something of a pattern, or at least a common thread in here:

In addition to the stack of LEAF cards, Captain Canuck also included a couple rounds of Donruss cards! His note said, "I hope some of these are new, or at least upgrades!" These cards are MINT!

I would say many of these will server as upgrades to my collection for sure!

As you can see, it appears as thought The Capt sent me complete team sets of these Donruss cards! That is awesome!

But, wait, there's more! He also sent me an UNOPENED pack of Donruss cards! I will be playing "Tribe-or-no-Tribe with these on here in a later post, and I will bust the pack open for "A Pack A Day" and/or "A Pack To Be Named Later!" Coolness!

THANK YOU very much, Captain Canuck!! And, if TheCapt is reading along and seems to be missing a card, KEEP READING!

The Lost Auto
Included in one of the packages was an Autographed Kazuhito Tadano card:

The problem is, when I was moving cards from the living room to the home office for scanning, I mixed up the piles! I knew TheCapt had a package of Donruss, so that was easy. What I can't remember for the life of me is which one sent the auto card!

So, THANK YOU for sending this great auto card!! And for *ALL* the Indians cards!! What a way to spend 09/09/09!!