Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013 Pack-A-Day Giveaway Sign-Up

Hey, everyone!!  This is it!  With the 2013 regular MLB season almost upon us, it is time for the 2013 Pack-A-Day Giveaway sign-ups!

In case you missed it, I will be opening at least one pack of baseball cards each day of the regular season.  I did some quick math, and I believe there are 183 days in the season this year. That's TOTAL days. I don't take off for days without games, and I don't extend beyond the regular season, even if the MLB does.  The packs will range in years, makes, brands, whatever.  I haven't bought all the packs that will be opened yet either!  So, even *I* don't know what we'll see.  I imagine the bulk of the packs will come between 1980's and 2012, though we will certainly have 2013 to open.  I am also hoping to swing a couple super-vintage packs during the break (pre-1980). Who knows if that will pan out.

This year is different than last year.  I know there are a lot of player-collectors out there, so this time around, we will do player selections in a mock draft format.  I have yet to work out all the details on that.  And, for now, I don't need to.

Right now, what I want are folks to sign up to play along!  It is easy, too.  Just fill out the form linked below and reply to my confirmation email (sent separately, later).  Then, you'll be in the game!  Since the popular vote on my poll was "unlimited participants, but have a cut-off date," that's how we're rolling this season.

The CUT-OFF DATE to sign up is Thursday, February 28, 2013 (Note: I changed this on 2/10/2013!).  If you aren't signed up by then, you'll have to watch from the stands.  Wait. Did I say how much it costs? No? Well, that's because it doesn't cost you a dime.  Yeap. It is FREE to play along (hence, the term GIVEAWAY).  Now, if you would like to donate shipping money or packs to be opened, that is great. But, it is certainly not required.  I do this because it brings me the joy of collecting cardboard and sharing it with others.

So, where do you sign up?  Right here:

*I ask for your name, email, and mailing address. I use that only for shipping and to verify you are who you say you are. I do not sell, trade, nor give away your information. I just need the info in an easy-to-use format, and this is the best way I know how.

*In case there is any confusion: I am *not* giving away a pack of cards each day. I am opening a pack of cards and participants will receive the player cards of their drafting choice(s) from all the packs opened.

Rules so far (to be amended before Opening Day of 2013 regular MLB season):

  1. No two participants can claim the same player. Once a player is assigned to a participant, that participant will receive ALL cards of that player appearing by himself on any card.
  2. Cards with multiple players will be randomly distributed between participants claiming those players. In the event that only one player is claimed, that participant will get the card.
  3. Non-player cards will be put in a pile for random distribution among all participants at the end of the giveaway (during the World Series, most likely).
  4. Players will be chosen by at least two methods: 1) A mock draft in which participants choose their Top 20 players and those players will be dolled out according to a random draft order; 2) During the season, participants will be allowed to claim unclaimed players on a first-come, first-served basis each week.
  5. Each participant will be allowed to claim a finite number of players (yet to be determined). Once a participant reaches the limit of players on his/her "roster," that participant will not be allowed to claim any more players.
  6. Once a participant claims a player, that participant may NOT "unclaim" the player. That is, once a participant chooses a player, the participant is stuck with that choice. Choose carefully. :-)
  7. Participants will receive *ALL* cards of their selected player(s). This includes, but is not limited to: base, inserts, autos, game-used, manu-patches, duplicates, etc.
  8. Any disputes will be settled by decision of Tribecards. I don't anticipate any, but you never know.
  9. There is *NO* entry fee to participate. It's free. It's a giveaway. Canadian participants will be emailed a math problem they have to solve, or something like that.  
  10. Tribecards is not responsible for lost, stolen, or mishandled packages. 
  11. Tribecards makes no warranties nor guarantees on the kinds, brands, makes, models, styles, etc of cards participants will receive.
  12. Tribecards makes no guarantees as to delivery dates of winning prizes. As evidenced by the 2012 giveaway, sometimes things happen beyond my control to delay getting the packages out. The economy sucks, nothing I can do about it.
  13. So far as I know, there is no age restrictions on a giveaway being held by a middle-aged, balding guy who loves to share cardboard. But, if such an age restriction does exist, Tribecards (nor anyone associated with Tribecards) will not be held responsible. Enter according to the laws, rules and regulations of your own town, county, city, state, and/or country.
  14. Tribecards is free to make up rules as we go along as needed because, well, they're my cards and this is my game. :-)


  1. signing up for this last year was what motivated me to start my own blog and join the cardboard community! can't wait for the season to start!

  2. I didn't have a horse in the race last year, but I read every post. Tons of fun. Count me in this year!

  3. This is pretty fantastic. Thanks for doing this, and for having us all along for the ride!

  4. I'm ready for my skill testing question.....

  5. Thanks everyone! I've got you all in (along with about 40 others so far!). I'm still working on that skill question, Cap'n!

  6. I'm not sure I understand totally but I'm game.

  7. Haha, it'll be clearer eventually. Basically, you get to pick players. I open packs, you get the cards of your player(s). :-)

  8. I hope the skill testing question is 2 + 2 = 4, not y=7x^2 from x=0 ; x=5--thanks for the giveaway

  9. Haha. I actually don't even know what the Canadian requirements are. How about 2+4-1*6=?

  10. Awesome. Dan, just make sure you click the link in the article and fill out the official form.

  11. Just signed up for the 2013 giveaway. I'm working on getting a house, so if that goes through my address will change. Just wanted to give you a headsup and I'll keep you posted! Thanks a lot. The draft sounds great.